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Re: Long Lens for the M6 ii

Karen Casebeer wrote:

Thanks for the tip on the 70-300 with using the 6.3 f/stop at the long end. It was also suggested I use f/7.1 on the 18-400. I'm not sure why those will be better. Further explanation would help.

Here you go...


That's a comparison of a 7D Mark II (crop sensor) with the 70-300 IS II mounted, at 300mm comparing f/5.6 against f/6.3; you have to rollover to see the effects.


There is some gains at f/8, but, it's very minute, and, you're loosing another 2/3 stop of light plus adding diffraction on a 32MP sensor. Thus if you want peak sharpness, f/6.3-7.1 is the sweet spot on the long end of the lens on a crop sensor.


You can preview the effect of many lenses stopped at varying aperture or on varying sensor sizes this way.


Most, but not all lenses, behave best when stopped down a hair. Matters especially when shooting 300mm where you're likely to still crop the shot so you want every ounce of sharpness you can get out of that 32 megapixels and that lens.

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