Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

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Re: Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

Razor512 wrote:

More of a NYC thing, but many people still use the term, because we do jerry rig solutions pretty often.

It is not meant to be negative in any way, instead more of showing nonstandard ingenuity to solving a problem, especially when it comes to not being wastefull, for example, if even if there is an official fancy purpose specific tool for the job, if you are not making a living doing that job, and thus will likely only need to use it once, or once n very rare occasion, then it is better to jerry rig something that can get the job done.

Consider this, many years ago, places like home depot pushed heavily for getting specialized cost down versions of professional tools marketed to consumers looking to do some DIY projects. most of those efforts failed because those tools were focused on saving small amounts of time, where to a professional, even a 10% time saving can be a huge deal, but it did not have much value to a user looking to do a single weekend project and never need the tool again.

'Ghetto" means a place where people of a certain ethnic background are forced to live so that they remain segregated from the rest of the population.  People live in ghettos because the authorities force them (i.e. blacks under apartheid or jews under Nazis) or because of economic reasons (e.g. blacks in American urban areas during the 70s).  "Ghetto" has the connotation of being an undesirable crime-ridden dirty slum hell hole.

So if your camera is jerry-rigged - then say "jerry rigged" instead of saying "this is the type of contraption that you'd find slapped together in a place poor people live".

"Ghetto" is extremely offensive in the way you've used it.

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