Sony 24-105 f4 G vs. Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM... flickr bias

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Re: My ratings of six lenses' IQ after doing research...

LenRivers wrote:

charley5 wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

Then this is what I would say based on it seems you have to get it right the first time.

Buy Sony glass with Sony bodies you will be happy. You know all will just work perfectly.

I feel there is still that extra 1% of compatibility when not mix and matching lenses.

Myself I can easily do the things I suggest but with your limited resources and I assume no desire to make a return my 2 cents is play it safe and buy only Sony. Same suggestion if you shot Nikon I would not use Tamron or Sigma.

At least you know that the Sony lens you are buying was designed with the Sony body in mind. Sony, Canon Nikon etc are not designing anything for 3rd party glass in mind.

that is what I would do knowing what I feel I know and where you live and again seems like you need to get this right the first time and feel confident

I cant get in your head and you see you have many biased responses

I dont consider mine that way only cause I know how can anyone go wrong matching manufacture body and glass ?

Thank you. I will actually probably take your advice and buy a Sony lens. I am thinking of trading my near mint 55mm Otus, for a 24-70 GM plus an additional lens. Or maybe it will have to wait till I next visit the West.

I found my perfect portrait lens, and now it is just a question of settling for a reasonable zoom for landscapes.

To address landscapes that depends since you may want a 70-200 zoom as much as one would want a 16-35 or 12-24. Sometimes you want a telephoto lens for landscapes

I suggest thinking about what you shoot with frequency and buy that. If you have the money to buy whatever then for sure buy whatever you like.

I would also consider if you need to use filters with your lenses and why or why not to buy a wide angle zoom like the Sony 12-24 for a one off example.

If you have to pay for shipping I might even suggest you add an external flash, they are always handy to have.

agree, the lenses that is most frequently advised for landscape, is probably not the 24-70 but rather the 12-24/16-35 and some sort of telephoto like 70-200 or 100-400. The first one I would get is the 12-24 or 16-36 as you can then get some great images with foreground especially used on a tripod and focus stacking.

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