Nikon Z7 vs EOS R vs Nikon Z6 for Landscape Photography,which is Best ?

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Alex Stewart in NL Forum Member • Posts: 88
depends on print size

I have 40 by 26.7 inch prints of landscapes, with my first gallery show (with some others) next month. With Perfectresize I could go to 48 inches. These are with my Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850. However, I am interested in even larger prints. Sony has a multi-shot 240 MP camera, but I went with the 187 MP that the Panasonic S1R has. With both, you need a tripod, but the Panasonic has a better implementation (according to DPreview). It's 47 MP with normal imaging. I've used Nikons all my life, starting with a used pro rangefinder (S3), and I really like them, but I also really like the Panasonic a lot. I'm sure plenty of Canon and Sony users could give similar testimonials. Whatever you choose, you have to really get to know it. And get to know what sort of landscapes you want to achieve. It took me about 12 years after getting serious again.

But I agree that the top Canon, Panasonic, and Nikon cameras will all EASILY handle what we can throw at them. And if you print at more normal sizes, 24MP or so is fine... but again, it depends.

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