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Mark Sloe wrote:

Nickemmano wrote:

Hello guys,

after a few years using my d5300 and my kit lens 18-140 i feel ready (and also have the cash) for an upgrade of my kit. I am interested in the full frame mirrorless world as i hear it will be the future. However with all those cameras coming out ( Canon R5 & R6, A7rIV, Z7 II,Z6II) i am confused. Due to the pandemic i havent had the chance to try them nor will i have it any time soon. So i am counting on you to inform me a little bit more than the reviews (because they may have bias or some affiliation) about quirks or strangths of these cameras. I know there is an a7 IV coming soon so i might wait to see that too but i would like to have an idea of what i am looking at.

I mostly do landscapes and travel and so far i have been using only my zoom. I ontend to get more serious and buy a few more proffesional grade lenses so it would be a lot of help if you could offer me some advice on that too.

Thank you in advance

in order to narrow the choices down:

which lenses are you considering to start with?

24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 35mm. Then maybe a 50 and a macro

are you considering high mp (36+) or "standard" around 24mp body?

High mp

do size and weight matter?

A little bit. It has to be manageable. Not 16 kilos on my back

what is your budget for body and first lens(es)?

Enough for the aforementioned firat lenses and a r5(mention it because it is the most expensive)

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