at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

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Re: at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

Back to your original question - it is pointless to ask which camera is at what ISO a tiny bit better except you're shooting predominantly at exactly that ISO.

- whether an A7R III is ⅓ stop better in noise performance or not is irrelevant since it's far away from the ISO 100 performance and thus only an emergency solution.

It's neither irrelevant, nor an emergency solution, for me. It's how I shoot most of the time, and big part of the reason I moved away from tripod mounted sheet film cameras, I can make a picture handheld at iso 640 at f5.6 indoors in a situation where it would have been impossible to ask/get permission to set up a tripod and view camera.

But I do appreciate the input, and don't doubt the accuracy of what you are saying.

It seems that I would need to adjust my habits slightly and try to hold my iso at 400 if I get the r4 rather then shooting at 640 as I've been doing with the r3.

And Thanks to others who chimed in about DeNoise, was not aware of that before. Though I am very skeptical of 3rd party software that sharpens automatically.

Think I will continue to use LR and mask in different NR settings on specific shadow areas using photoshop as needed. I recently made a bunch of 24 x 30 prints and and learned a lot about sharpening and noise reduction settings in LR, it's def not a one size fits all if you're actually making prints and evaluating them critically rather then viewing on screen.

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