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RLight wrote:

Ed B wrote:

I think everyone who loves photography should own a smaller fixed-lens camera no matter what other types of cameras they might own for more "serious" photography and when I was looking to upgrade my small camera I came very close to buying the Canon.

I've always liked Canon compact cameras but parts of the review for the G5X MKII scared me off and I ended up buying a Sony RX100V instead.

  • JPEG noise reduction at high ISO values lags the competition
  • Low ISO JPEGs can have fine detail smeared due to noise reduction

These are mainly the negatives that chased me away from the Canon.

There are a few things I don't like about the Sony but I have to say, the image quality is excellent for a small camera.

Those are legitimate grievances btw; I've been noting them myself lately.

However comma, Sony's lack of effective touchscreen and lesser all-around lens (either too slow on the RX100VI+ or not nearly as long of reach on the RX100V-), SOOC colors, are huge downfalls by comparison. The poor noise reduction is a nit pick on needs improvement. The others are a big, big deal.

I keep saying it, but eventually Sony will get it right. But eventually still hasn't happened, which is a small wonder (of the universe).

On the plus side, on the new A7S III Sony has done new menus and a full touchscreen, it just hasn't made it to any other products yet.

Sony seem to have a real price problem and you wonder if the funds are there in imaging to really keep up this frenetic development. They are focusing on the electronics and have the sensors on hand but there is a lot of paring on the other bits of the camera.

It is interesting how Panasonic have output a raft of different touch screen cameras with 1" yet Sony really just churn out much of the same with just a faster focus and the latest sensor.

Canon on the other hand, has improved their noise reduction on all the new EOS R's, but, the new M50 Mark II didn't get it.

So both are poised to fix their problems, but haven't. Hmph.

As it stands, in my book, the G5X II handily bests the Sony RX100s, for all but sports use.

The real question; will either Canon or Sony do more premium point and shoots, given COVID and increasing market pressure? I honestly don't know. Point and shoots are a dying breed due to smartphone attrition.

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