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For me I actually don't want to keep the Sony system, only because of the Zeiss Loxia and Voigtlander primes so I will keep one. after 6 long years I still don[t care for the Sony ergo, even with the 7rIV. but have to say Sony sensor is top notch so I will put up with it for now. actually I am seriously thinking to get a Z7 II so I can use those E-mount lenses on it and get rid of the 7r IV.

Multi-system does not work for me. I tried it before and I just get confusing as to what t take on trips and where to spend money. Not to mention the extra amount of money tied up.

As for Sony system, I agree with you. having owned A7, A7II, A7rII, A7rIII, A9 and A9II, I never felt completely happy with the camera bodies. In contrast, I tried Z7 for few weeks and loved the ergos, menus and touchscreen operations but at that point the AF wasn't up to task and lenses were not available so I never switched.

Assuming the Z7II AF has improved, I like your idea about using it for E-mount lenses but then again, you are investing in multiple systems.

I've hit the point where I no longer see the benefit of collecting different types of cameras. They depreciate over time, and I've lost a lot of money on cameras I rarely used.

Its the reason I bought the R5. It does everything well and there are many used EF lens that work with it if I need them. I was able to sell my other cameras, but an 'expensive' R5 and I still had a lot of money left over. I sold my lenses, some duplicates (a couple kit lenses needed for each extra body), and I have even more left over.

I kept a 70-200 EF lens, bought a 24-105, and ordered an 85 macro. That is enough for me instead of the 7 or 8 lenses I had before.

And I can still do more that I could before and I have the one body that felt the best in my hands.

Totally agree with you. I've been guilty of lens hording. Whenever I switched systems, I started with couple of lenses but soon I ended up with too many lenses which were never used.

This time I'm planning on just sticking with R5, 24-240, 85 and maybe one long zoom for wildlife.

Sure sticking with one system is the cheapest and if it does what you need its the best approach to take..

Now that I have considered getting back to Canon as my main system I look at my Sony in a new light. An A7RIII with no grip and the ability to use some smaller size primes (like Loxia or the 35/1.8 or 20/1.8) that share the same mount an an A7RIV with a battery grip and L-bracket that has the large f/2.8 trinity of zooms or a 200-600 is really nice. Even the the new A7C, which I have no plans to buy, is a plus for the system with its small size.

With a Canon EOS R5 as my maine system I feel I will probably shoot Fuji APS-C along with it for its small size and smaller lenses at time when an EOS R5 and 50mm or 85mm f/1.2L is just huge and hard to pack for trip. That is how I got into mirrorless in the beginning. I bought in to that when I only had 5D Mark II or III and L glass and couldn't easily take it on foreign travel when on business where I needed to take a computer. Of course a light kit on a plane is needed less these days for sure.

But this is all short term.

I used to own the A7III (A7II before that). I switched to the R because I could see what canon was going to do a mile away (though 8k was a surprise). I had started with nikon, moved to canon, sony and back to canon. Over that long trip money was wasted. I am done with the flip flopping. 
Long term canon will release smaller glass. Just look at the 35, 85, and now the leaked 70-200 f4 and the 50 f1.8. Sure the R felt big in my hand after owning the A7III. But seriously... the R and now the R5 still fit in the same bags I have. Neither fits in a jacket or pocket. So The size of the body I can excuse. I always had a small plate added to the A7III because I really don't like my pinky hanging off.

In sort. Some people do prefer sony, and that is fine for them. Pick a system and stick with it is what I say. Smaller canon lenses will come. I have no doubt sigma and Tamron will release canon RF lenses in the future, and just like we have the Milvus from zeiss for EF mount we will likely see those manual focus lenses in the future for RF as well.

If canon does pull off the crazy rumour of releasing 14 lenses next year.... they will have pretty much covered the whole range of lenses.And they won't all be huge.

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