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RLight wrote:

The real question; will either Canon or Sony do more premium point and shoots, given COVID and increasing market pressure? I honestly don't know. Point and shoots are a dying breed due to smartphone attrition.

I really hope they do. Even though I take a ton of photos with my iPhone and I have a Z6, my LX100 II is my go-to for a lot of situations. The combination of size/weight/discretion, image quality, and ability to use one-handed (when you have little kids, having both hands free is a luxury! 😄) make high end compacts great travel/everyday cameras. I don’t find one handed use to be that easy with a phone or an ILC (especially if you want to zoom in/out the lens) One handed use really isn’t that easy with a phone something that’s harder to do with a phone, and really hard with an ILC. The high end point-and-shoot are my favorite kind of travel cameras (when travel is a thing again)

Going to the beach, park, or hike with the kids? LX100 II. School/daycare event? LX100 II. Amusement park or museum? LX100 II. Travel where photography isn’t the priority? LX100 II.

A couple recent examples where I was happy to have my LX100 II instead of another camera:

  • We went to the beach on a trip to SoCal a few months ago. I wanted to get some photos of the waves coming in while being knee deep in the surf. I needed one hand free in case I lost my balance, so the Z6 wouldn’t have been a good idea, and there’s no way I’m taking my phone anywhere near the surf, since if that got water logged, I’d be SOL. The LX100 II was the best choice.
  • My daughter’s day care had a little socially-distanced trick or treat event yesterday, and the images I was able to get with my LX100 II were miles better than what other parents were able to capture with their phones - especially since the little fill flash combined with fast shutter speeds allowed for photos that otherwise weren’t capturable.

None of the current crop are perfect, but hopefully Sony, Canon, or someone else decide to put it it all together and make that ultimate travel compact camera that’s still relevant despite the ever increasing quality of cell phones.

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