Sony to Canon?

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consolidating vs comprising

I think you gave some good examples of duplicating and compromising.  Why get the Sony if you need the grip?  Without it it, its a compromise.  And if you get the A7R4 then you need a camera with higher frame rates and another for video.  Then you are duplicating lenses.  You'll find yourself with several 24-xx lenses, one for each body.  And when you bring the wrong body you compromise.  Or worse you have that giant bag full of cameras even though you can only use one at a time.

The R5 isn't the smallest camera, but I've got a new smartphone that fits in my pocket that I carry always.  I want a camera like the R5 that isn't a compromise and that does everything I was and does it very well.

With other cameras I feel you'll be tempted to get extra bodies when they come out.  In a year or two you might want to try 8K video.  Or when someone else makes a 40MP camera that shoots 20 FPS you'll be tempted to get one.  Or when others improve their stabilization, it too will be tempting.

I like the idea of being mostly future proof.  Needing only one camera and owning only a few necessary lenses.

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