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For me I actually don't want to keep the Sony system, only because of the Zeiss Loxia and Voigtlander primes so I will keep one. after 6 long years I still don[t care for the Sony ergo, even with the 7rIV. but have to say Sony sensor is top notch so I will put up with it for now. actually I am seriously thinking to get a Z7 II so I can use those E-mount lenses on it and get rid of the 7r IV.

Multi-system does not work for me. I tried it before and I just get confusing as to what t take on trips and where to spend money. Not to mention the extra amount of money tied up.

As for Sony system, I agree with you. having owned A7, A7II, A7rII, A7rIII, A9 and A9II, I never felt completely happy with the camera bodies. In contrast, I tried Z7 for few weeks and loved the ergos, menus and touchscreen operations but at that point the AF wasn't up to task and lenses were not available so I never switched.

Assuming the Z7II AF has improved, I like your idea about using it for E-mount lenses but then again, you are investing in multiple systems.

I've hit the point where I no longer see the benefit of collecting different types of cameras. They depreciate over time, and I've lost a lot of money on cameras I rarely used.

Its the reason I bought the R5. It does everything well and there are many used EF lens that work with it if I need them. I was able to sell my other cameras, but an 'expensive' R5 and I still had a lot of money left over. I sold my lenses, some duplicates (a couple kit lenses needed for each extra body), and I have even more left over.

I kept a 70-200 EF lens, bought a 24-105, and ordered an 85 macro. That is enough for me instead of the 7 or 8 lenses I had before.

And I can still do more that I could before and I have the one body that felt the best in my hands.

Totally agree with you. I've been guilty of lens hording. Whenever I switched systems, I started with couple of lenses but soon I ended up with too many lenses which were never used.

This time I'm planning on just sticking with R5, 24-240, 85 and maybe one long zoom for wildlife.

Sure sticking with one system is the cheapest and if it does what you need its the best approach to take..

Now that I have considered getting back to Canon as my main system I look at my Sony in a new light. An A7RIII with no grip and the ability to use some smaller size primes (like Loxia or the 35/1.8 or 20/1.8) that share the same mount an an A7RIV with a battery grip and L-bracket that has the large f/2.8 trinity of zooms or a 200-600 is really nice. Even the the new A7C, which I have no plans to buy, is a plus for the system with its small size.

With a Canon EOS R5 as my maine system I feel I will probably shoot Fuji APS-C along with it for its small size and smaller lenses at time when an EOS R5 and 50mm or 85mm f/1.2L is just huge and hard to pack for trip. That is how I got into mirrorless in the beginning. I bought in to that when I only had 5D Mark II or III and L glass and couldn't easily take it on foreign travel when on business where I needed to take a computer. Of course a light kit on a plane is needed less these days for sure.

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