Mitakon ZhongYi lens design adoption by other photo brands

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Re: Mitakon ZhongYi lens design adoption by other photo brands

JayPhizzt wrote:

Aoi Usagi wrote:

Actually I have, obviously. The main problem with these double gauss formulas is spherical aberrations which reduces sharpness, especially in the corners. I have never specifically said anything about center sharpness. They will never be as sharp as complex modern day lenses which correct for these aberrations. Of course, you opinion of "definitely good" may differ from mine, so take it with a grain of salt. To be quite honest, I get sharper images with a Canon FL 55mm F1.2 on a Mitakon Lens Turbo II (which has a similar optical formula when combined), as well as being better built and more affordable.

I'm not saying Mitakon is bad, because the Lens Turbo is great, but their lenses are lack luster for their price point.

The technical image quality of the Mitakon is of course not as good as my Fuji lenses for example, but it's a lens capable of absolutely stunning results much thank to it's beautiful color rendition, shallow depth of field and wonderful bokeh.

And just as a couple of points of reference I have both the Fujinon 16/1.4 and 80mm macro which are both VERY sharp lenses, especially the 80mm which is insanely sharp and I still find the Mitakon to be more than sharp enough wide open. And like I said, the corner sharpness is indeed bad, but that's quite irrelevant since you won't notice it in oof shots.

That's great, and I will respect your opinion, even if it differs from mine.  Just don't accuse others of not using specific equipment when you have no means of knowing and only judging by your own opinions.

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