Volleyball from Ukraine

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Re: Volleyball from Ukraine

I am really impressed with your volleyball images!

I have done a lot of youth to high school sports including volleyball and last fall I did a number of D1 college volleyball games. Volleyball is one of the most difficult sports for me to photograph. I don't understand the game that well so I don't recognize changes in strategies. Here are my thoughts and I would appreciate any suggestions.

If I want to get defensive plays in the backcourt (digs) it seems like to only way to do it is to focus on a player and wait. The game is just too fast to do it any other way.

I have tried to take images of the far court from behind the baseline with longer focal length lenses to get defensive plays head on but there are just too many bodies in the way.

I like the higher view of net play but the venue and accessibility often makes it difficult to get an optimum angle.

What is your approach to shooting court side near the net?

Volleyball seems to me to be a sport of speed and misdirection. Trying to follow the game like I can do in basketball is just not possible. Do you focus on players or locations on the court and wait?

Are there any unique shooting locations?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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