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Re: Long Lens for the M6 ii

Maxmolly7 wrote:

Karen Casebeer wrote:

Thanks so much for your detailed input. It was really helpful. Right now, I feel I need at least the reach of 300 mm so I'm going to go with trying out the 70-300 ii.

Following your quest for some time now, I am convinced that 300mm will be too short for what you are trying to achieve.

Actually if you crop an image from the M6 II 32.5MP sensor down to 20MP (same as the RX10IV) and if my calculations are correct, you will get a longer reach with the 70-300mm on the M6II than you will get with your RX10 iV.

A little more explanation:

20MP from a 32.5MP sensor will use an area that equals a crop factor of 1.27. (32.5 long edge is 6960px and 20MP long edge is 5472px. 6960/5472= 1.27)

Now take this and multiply with the APS-C to FF crop factor. 1.27 x 1.6 = 2,04

So a 20MP crop of the 32.5MP sensor will have a FF crop factor of 2.04.

20MP crop reach: 300mm x 2,04 = 612mm


The Rx10 IV has a 220mm lens and a FF crop factor of around 2.7.

RX10 IV reach: 220mm x 2.7 = 594mm


Please correct me if I am wrong.


(for the record: That 20MP cropped area is also physical larger than the 1 inch sensor. So also larger pixels. I leave it to someone else , if interested, to calculate the real area based on the FF crop factor of 2.04)

It is a pity that the Sony did not work for you!

The Tamron IQ is usable when stopped down to f8 or f11. This will require high ISO so the benefit of APS-C sensor is gone.

Especially the corners of the Tamron are soft, which is ok as long as the subject is in the center. For me IQ and handling on EOS M was not good enough.

For me the 300mm focal length was not enough but going beyond increases bulk and weight dramatically.

Like you, I was looking for a photographic Swiss pocket knife and found mine in the RX 10 iv for nature and the RX 100 VII for city trips for now.

I am not sure what is going to happen to my M6....

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