Mitakon ZhongYi lens design adoption by other photo brands

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Re: Mitakon ZhongYi lens design adoption by other photo brands

I tend to avoid trying to interpret the lens optical diagram and trying to compare different designs.. because I don’t know what is the actual pragmatic outcome and if things are “slightly” different/same between two what does that mean in the real world ? I just don’t have that background.

BUT what I do.. is look at (online) reviews.. which can be challenging at times as there can be too much “marketing influence” (commission ?) so that might change the outcome or perception of the lens..

SO.. there are alot of Chinese manufacturers playing in the lens space (manual focus)arena now.. which I think is great.. they can produce lenses to a “very niche” audience... let’s admit manual focusing is not for everyone and it’s not going to sell (volume) like a “kit lens”.

speaking from my research on the following lenses: mitakon 50mm 0.95, 7artisans 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.1 (I own), 35mm F2, TTartisans 21 1.5, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 0.95

A lot of these lenses are based from older lens design like a sonar and from there they have done (modern) tweaks to it, I am of the view that a lot of these lenses ARE NOT just copying each other.. they add their own slight spin to their optical design.. as a result a lens that exceeds to certain conditions (parameters) but at a detriment in other areas ..

now so far it sounds like I am “making it all up” but when you read these kind of reviews -

(Ref alternatives comparisons) it’s clear there is “not really” one clear winner there are pro/con to each lens.. you got to pick which one is a better fit for you.. although the article is not related to this specific thread.. it just highlights the impacts to the “slight variations” to optical design and the physical design of the lens.

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