Finally decided to switch to Fuji. What lenses?

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Finally decided to switch to Fuji. What lenses?


Let me first introduce myself as I'm new to this sub (and haven't really been on the forum for a couple of years). Feel free to skip to the questions below if you want. I'm a former professional photographer, now just hobbyist. I was a Nikonian then, and keep very good memories of the Fuji bodies with an F mount (S2, S3, S5...)

I shoot a wide variety of subjects but currently focus more on travel/landscape photography and macro. Also I must admit that most of the time, my smartphone is good enough (snaps shared to family or social networks). But there are times when I still want the extra light gathered by a large sensor, or optical properties only found on interchangeable lenses.

During the last 5 years I have used 2 systems simultaneously: Sony and MFT.

Sony offered unmatched IQ in mirrorless cameras for a long time, and some amazing lenses (GM, Loxia...). I really enjoyed shooting with that gear but after some time I realised it was overkill and my full set had become so heavy and bulky, it wasn't a pleasure anymore. I finally sold everything last year, and don't even miss it. I don't need and I don't want FF.

So now I continue using MFT. I think it's a great balance between portability and IQ. But as I need to replace my worn out GX8, I feel MFT has come to a dead end. So I have decided to switch to what I think will now fit my needs the best: Fujifilm. I have hesitated for a long a time, waiting to see where Canikon were going. But their latest announcements aren't appealing to me. They killed their APSC lines. The only obstacle I had with Fuji was the lack of compatibility with DXO PL, which is my usual processing software. But as I have less and less time to process, I think I will simply stop shooting RAW. I also want to add that I shoot some video too, but without high requirement except a good stabilisation.

So I have bought a used X-H1 for a very cheap price, and am now looking for what lenses to get. I would ideally like to have similar lenses to the ones I currently have from Panasonic.

I am pretty settled on a the 16-80 as a standard zoom. It should be pretty similar to the PL 12-60 I use now. It even has OIS and WR which I both appreciate.

But I am not sure about the UWA option. I now use the P 7-14,which isn't great but is quite small.

So first question:

Is there a worthy, smaller alternative to the 10-24? It can be a prime, but no more than 14mm. If it has a good flare resistance and produces straight sunstars, it would be perfect.

Second option: what macro lens do you recommend? It can be any focal between 50 and 100mm, but it has to be relatively light and compact. (I now use the PL 45mm)

Third: what compact, slow, travel telezoom? (I now have the P 45-175mm)

Thank you for your recommendations

Fujifilm X-H1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8
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