Memory card failure?

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Re: Memory card failure?

ajff wrote:

Overrank wrote:
....a brand new card was corrupted in camera. This was a well known branded card bought from Amazon. Luckily my camera had two slots and was mirroring to another card.

was it a Lexar by any chance?

i seem to recall a few years ago problems reported with some Lexar cards so I stopped using them ...
i liked some of their memory sticks way back when because they had a little light in them showing when they were being read to or from ...

found that nice & useful when transferring images back to my Vaio PCs at the time

(think 128mb was max capacity back then!!!

so long ago...šŸ˜Š

No, it was a Toshiba (I had to look it up - Iā€™d thought it was Sony). You did remind me of another problem had with a Nikon D3200 and a Sandisk card, which had a 1 minute switch on time.  That time I replaced it with a Lexar.  (It was an incompatibility between that particular camera and particular type of card)

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