Sony FE 16-35 F4 - Nonlinear lens distortion on only 1 side !?!?

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Sony FE 16-35 F4 - Nonlinear lens distortion on only 1 side !?!?

Hi guys,

I recently took my 16-35 F4 to a photo trip and after returning and editing some photos I noticed some terrible distortion on the right side .

Linear distortion can easily be corrected but it seems that my lens distortion is very unbalanced, which makes it very troublesome to correct .

So now that I have returned home I decided to shoot 3 test pictures at 16mm by pointing my camera at my monitor while using a test cardboard . The horizon was leveled on all 3 shots, according to the level indicator on my A7R2 .
All the shots were corrected with lens profile in ACR .

Here are the results :

Shot at monitor level :

Shot from lower angle :

Shot from higher angle :

I have never seen such thing happening before, usually barrel distortion is linear across the frame, not single sided like it appears to be here !
Is there anything that can be done to fix this ? What could cause such behavior in a lens ? I thought it could be related to the lens being decentered but from what I have read this usually is associated to loss of sharpness, which doesn't seem to the case .
Is there any hope ? :\

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