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Jonathanlim wrote:

Hello fellow photographer! I need help deciding what prime lens to buy.

I am currently using A7III with FE2470GM. I used to have fe1635f4, fe35f18 and fe85f18 before I sold them all and switched to my GM lens.

The reason I switched to GM lens is because I am getting sick and tired of switching the lenses. FE2470GM is a sharp lens and its so versatile. But now the size and the weight is starting to tear me down as I have 1 year old son and I will have a 2nd child on the way. The amount of stuff that I need to carry by having a child is a lot and in a few months I will have to carry more stuff.

So with a heavy heart I'm thinking about selling my GM lens for 2 Prime lens and I need your opinion on which prime lens to get.

My options are fe20mmf18, fe28mmf2, fe35mmf18, fe55mmf18 and fe85mmf18.

My questions are;

1. If you have to pick 2 lenses, which one that you would pick and why?

Personally, and as others have suggested, I don't think you can beat a 35/85 combo.  Something in the 50mm range is generally considered the most versatile, but I find that it's too narrow for many of the inside shots I want, and not long enough for some of the outside shots I want.  I currently have a 45 1.8 that I plan to replace with a 35 1.8, which would give me a 35/85 combo (although, candidly, I shoot the 24-105 f/4 much of the time).

2. If you have to pick only 1 lens, which one would you prefer?

In this case, either the Sony 24-105 f/4, or, if you prefer f/2.8 without the heft of the GM, then I'd seriously consider the Tamron 28-75 2.8.  If you mean which single prime, then that's a lot harder.  I'd probably go with the 55, but I'd be very frustrated.

3. Is it a dumb move to trade my FE2470GM for a Brand New FE24GM? (straight trade and not getting any money back)

Not necessarily, from a financial standpoint, at least.  According to this site, the 24-70 is selling for around $1,450 these days.  A quick look at ebay sold items suggests that's in the right ball park.  The 24 is $1,400 new, so if a trade saves you from paying sales tax, then this may not be a bad idea.

From a photography standpoint, of course, it could be a very different question.  The 24-70 is obviously a very versatile range, especially for chasing kids around.  The 24mm, by contrast, is pretty wide prime.  These are all very personal preferences, however, so go with what suits you and your photography.

Thank you so much for reading and giving your valuable opinions.

Best wishes!

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