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That's a very broad question.  My recommendation is to do a bunch of research first and then ask some more targeted questions.   There are a lot of comparison videos out there (like this, for example) that should help get you started.

That said, you've referenced the best and latest mirrorless offerings from the top three camera manufacturers.  The reality is that all of them are capable of taking amazing pictures, and you really can't go wrong with any of them.

One of the things that helped me decide was to focus less on a specific body and more on the system.  Bodies come and go, but lenses stay in the bag for a long time.  So take a look at which system offers the lenses you're most interested in, and what's on their respective roadmaps, and then back into the body that suits your needs today.

And when it comes to those bodies, only you know whether you want/need the high MP of the R5/A7R4/Z7, or whether 20-24MP is enough.  The latter is generally plenty, of course, although the cropping flexibility provided by the former is nice.  And as between the brands, the most immediate differences are going to be ergonomics and usability.  There is no substitute for actually holding the camera and using it for a bit.  I know it's hard to do that these days, but it's worth trying.  And of course, purchasing from a reputable shop with a good return policy helps.

Good luck with the research, and enjoy whichever system you end up choosing!

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