An update on my "Heavy Rig"

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Re: collected images from today

Brian Wadie wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

Brian Wadie wrote:

I've put together a flikr album of today's shoot, some may find it of interest

You caught the aerial action very well Brian.

Maybe you can attach floats and outriggers to your mobility aids and get a little closer

Seriously, well done. I’d love to see more, but please take care


thanks Peter, these are rather routine record shots, I've been shooting this for over 15 years so tend to look for the "Special" before I get excited.

These are "duty" shots, a small group of us are the "Recordists" for all 60+ local riders so there will always be someone there whatever the conditions

I hope to get you closer once the new 150-400 arrives

(Take care - pah, I'm a super hero! )

I used to be a superhero too, but my arch nemesis stole my powers and now I’m just a 60-something year old mortal retiree with advancing arthritis and bad knees worrying about  my next blood sugar and PSA test results 


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