Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

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Re: Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

sportyaccordy wrote:

Ah.... you're saying a lot of the things I want to hear about this lens. It's weird to compare this to the 50 1.8, but frankly most of my AF needs are already covered. This 50 could be an "experience" lens... something to go beyond just covering my typical photographic needs. I just wish it weren't so big and expensive.

Try to find a nice deal. I have mine for 700 euro, but now the price went up to 850.......

The lens is big and heavy, but it's not front heavy at all. The center of gravity in combination with the positioning of the focus ring and the space the adapter provides for the fingers of the right hand, it's all nice.

If it were, say, a 50/2 for half the price and weight with the same build and image quality I would own it. A lot of times I stop my 50s down to F/2.8, mainly for IQ.

As for now it's only an assumption the RF 50mm f/1.8 will AF slow. The RF 85mm f/2.0 IS stm is o.k. as long it doesn't hunt. 50mm is even less challenging, and there's not a whole lot of glass moving in there. If Canon managed to put some caffeine in it it could be good enough for a lot of cases. And in that case i would shoot at f/2.8 with that "almost pakcake" and use the Samyang for f/1.2 and f/1.4. Yes, that's a lens change sometimes. But the good thing is you can leave the bulkiness at home when you don't want it, and you can't do that if you throw all the money in the Canon RF f/1.2.

If you plan to stop down the Samyang you might get disappointed by the not very round bokeh ball shapes.

I'm kind of torn between this, the 2/50 Makro I mentioned and maybe some other Zeiss MF lens. But they are all so heavy and expensive..............

What is the focusing experience like? Which of the focus assist tools do you use?

Pink AF menu, tab 2, second option "focus guide" turned on. (The first option  "peaking" is useless. Don't use that.)

Pink AF menu, tab 1, second option: Face + tracking.

Pink AF menu, tab 1, 4th option "eye AF": enable.

You can see for yourself how this works for you by just using an AF lens setting the AF-MF-switch to "MF" and turn the focus ring.

If eye AF doesn't work well in a certain situation, switch to smallest possible single "A"F point. Here comes the anoying thing: if you want to switch from Face + tracking to single "A"F-point you can't do that with an assigned button as long as you're in MF-mode. You will have to change to AF mode (and back afterwards) before you can change that, or you will have to do that in the menu. I prefer the menu as it's faster. It's a design flaw obviously. Canon forgot about these modes not only being important for AF, but also for MF focus confirmation.......

Talk me through how you focus a shot and what kinds of subjects you can and can't capture. I have a 3 year old and an infant I'm hoping to get some shots with for this lens.

3 years..... That can be tough ;).  My kids are 4 years and 7 years now. When sitting at the table or on the couch i would estimate the hitrate at f/1.2 a bit more than 50% on the R, and i wouldn't be surprised if - with some practice - that would come close to 80% if only the eye tracking of the focus confirmation would be as smart as the eye tracking of the R6 and R5 in these cases.

When running around the speed of you as a photographer will be a limiting factor, so if that's what you want to shoot..... i wouldn't buy this lens for that.

I don't mind big glass on my R but I'm still torn. $800 or so for a MF lens is nuts. But I rented a CV 40/1.2 on my old Sony FE body and the shooting experience was amazing. Somehow that felt like it was worth their asking price.

It's a cine-lens optical design. For the optics it's worth it (a bargain), just make sure you can live with size, weight, and MF.

If a 3 years old kid is your main goal......   I'm not sure if you're going to be happy, unless you're satisfied with pictures of situations only where the kid is sitting. You will manage to get nice shots in these kind of situations. At the end of the day, if you want 3 nice shots and your hitrate is 100% you take 3 pictures. If your hitrate is 50% you take 6, and with 25% you take 12 pictures. Of course you have to multiply that with the factor not every moment turns out to be a nice one, but with your own kid you have chances enough, so hitrate isn't always that important, and for special non repeatable moments you just pick another lens.

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