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Re: Tricky Choice Coming Up ... Advice and Input Welcomed Please ...

robgendreau wrote:

Simon Pollard wrote:

Hi ... having had a Nikon D7000 for two years since 2013 then followed by a D810 since 2015 ... I feel the time may soon be right to upgrade my camera kit in some way. I know the inescapable trends towards mirrorless of course is well developed. FYI Naturally given the D810 I have quite a few decent full frame F mount lenses but I genuinely feel quite a few options are possibly for me over the next year(ish). I am an enthusiastic amateur landscape photographer and you can assume budget is not an issue. I both travel and trek into the wilds to some extent so lighter weight is better but I have been OK with the D810 setup pretty much. for reference ...

Questions and options in my head:

(1) Stick with D810 ? - Why change .. but 5 years is a long time and things have moved on ??

They have moved on, but whether that helps you take better images is debatable. That's still a great sensor and as long as the shutter works the rest is sort of gravy, unless you do video or have a specialized need.

(2) Buy D850 tomorrow and get on with it ? - or better to wait for rumoured upgrade ??

I believe it may have come down in price.

(3). Wait for D860 / D880 model next year ? - Will it come ?? Is this counter strategic ??

Who knows? really hard to guess the future in tech, and even harder with camera bodies. But would it hurt to wait?

(4). Buy Nikon Z7 ? - New Z mount lenses ? or use FTZ adapter is this OK ??

I would say that Nikon lags Canon and Sony in both features in the new FF mirrorless cameras and in lenses. But that's just spec shopping; if you've already got great lenses that work and you can work with easily (and your excellent photos seem to show that you do) then staying with something that works with the glass you have seems prudent. Especially since you might profit from having two bodies that can use the same lenses. And having both mirrorless and mirrored might allow you to draw from either's strength depending on the shooting you're doing.

(5). Buy Sony a7R IV tomorrow ? - Well respected and used by many pros ?? - but full system switch cost ??

Yes, and given your level of photography the learning curve for a new system is something to consider as well. Not insurmountable, of course, but often just small things in menus and such can drive you nuts (I have a cheapo Oly eg that has one menu feature I use a LOT and it's missing in Canon and I curse it every time I go out).

(6). Wait for Sony a7RIV replacement ? - unclear what that might be ? Whats the point ?
(7). Longer shot might be Fuji GFX 50R range finder accessible mirrorless medium format ? - image quality of medium format sensor vs a7RIV or D850 ??

That might be a good reason to upgrade, or actually add a new camera. But you seem to do some pano shots already, and putting together big images can be done without necessarily relying on a bigger sensor. Sonys and Pentax have pixel shift, which on static stuff or many landscapes can get you some images that can be printed very large at relatively high resolutions.

Any help and comments appreciated ... my instinct is D860/D880 but it feels counter strategic to mirrorless trend ... tough choices !!

Kind regards

I'd suggest maybe a rental. Just to explore, but maybe even as a longer term strategy, if say you had reason to do some big high res shots on occasion, but not often enough to justify it as an everyday or even travel shooter. Having a diversity of bodies can be as advantageous at times as having different lenses. And Lens Rentals has a Keeper program if you decide to buy.

Great advice .. many thanks for the valuable guidance.  Much appreciated !!

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