Sony 24-105 f4 G vs. Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM... flickr bias

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Re: Sony 24-105 f4 G vs. Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM... flickr bias

LenRivers wrote:

charley5 wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

Buy what you can afford. Both lenses will do the job.
How important is a shorter focal length in these zooms. Does it matter to you.
how important is paying $1000 or so for one F stop when you can use a slower shutter speed or higher ISO

You can always buy a prime lens for a speciality need and use the 24-105 mm

If you are still unsure you would need to see these lenses in person at your local camera store or rent both of them.
Pretty much your call since you have To like the photos your produce and have to carry this gear.

Len, I know all these lenses will "do the job", but IQ is 90% of what's important to me. Not just sharpness, but having a bit of that special something, perhaps "pop" or dimensionality. You can really tell the difference between an exceptional lens and a good lens. I am just picky that way. Of course, it all finally comes down to the talent of the photographer. No lens will make a bad picture a good one. But a very great lens could make a good picture a bit greater.

Ok, so with that response I would only buy GM Sony lenses.

My basis is from when I shot Nikon. I shot over a few years the D750 and D850.

I knew I wanted F 2.8 zooms not the Nikon 24-120 mm F 4 or 70-200 F 4 etc. 24-70 mm 2.8 VR and 70-200 2.8 VR ii. I also compared and tested first hand Sigma, Nikon F 1.8 and F 1.4 primes. The IQ with the price tag I purchased f 1.4 primes. The 1.4's were just phenomenal.

35 mm, 58 mm, 85 mm and 105 mm F 1.4's

My photo business looked different a few years ago than what I do now.


Today after selling all my Nikon. Sony A7 iii, Sony 24-105 4.0 and 200-600. I did sell Three Batis lenses with some video gear to fund my Leica Q2 purchase few months ago.**

I am always open to sell and buy and switch systems as my needs call for it. Today I am good with Sony. I am looking forward to what the A7 IV (non R) might look like.

IMO the only reason to buy Tamron or Sigma is if money is a #1 dealbreaker,

The best thing you can do for you is do your own side by side test and make a return to the camera store. I wont buy Sigma or Tamron anymore. I have tried and just dont like the IQ once I see the manufactures glass in comparison to my eyes. The cost of the lens is the cost of the hobby we all chose, it is what it is..

If your research leads elsewhere that is the right decision for your needs

Ok, I did do the research and it came down to two lenses. I'll post my findings below...

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