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Richard Murdey
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Ricoh's new image

It's nice to see the camera department's branding and image getting a revamp.

This is good web design, clean, clear, and attractive:

The Pentax brand is at last at peace within the Ricoh fold, as a designator for their dSLR line spanning MF, FF, and APSC formats.

Also praise for their public outreach re. the K-3iii. Engagement. They've (at last) heard of it. You can read regular updates here,

I will also, with mixed feeling, give them kudos for doubling down and owning dSLRs in a mirrorless world. I don't think they had a choice, and despite what anyone tries to tell you this is not the ideal outcome for them, but if you are stuck there you might as well sell your passion and dedication to the optical viewfinder and Ricoh has done a good job at marketing the dSLR as desirable as a thing.

I say "a good job" in the sense that the messaging is on point, and feels sincere. I'm not sure it's convinced anyone, and I'm not sure the people at Pentax are themselves convinced. For sure I'm not convinced, and I'm a dSLR user!

Check out the "pentaxofficial" website. Very hip, attractive, focused.

Just showing pictures of happy, fashionable millennials with Pentax dSLRs don't make it so, I'm afraid. Will the notion that photography is more fun, or more fulfilling, when you have an OVF register with a generation for whom screens are everpresent, and photos are usually framed using a phone? Does anyone even believe it to be true? I mean, it was once upon a time when EVFs were horrid, but we are long past parity already. It just doesn't matter anymore.

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