at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

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Re: at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

I am 100% sure that none of my r3 shots would be transformed into Art if only they had been shot on the r4....But dang there are just enough pluses, that I'll likely pull the trigger when I can afford it. B&H is offering the body only for 2650 if go thru their edu portal....

That's not what anyone said here

The shots will stay the same whatsoever camera you're using - the only question is how much joy it brings to shoot them.

For me technology is an essential part of the cinema in my head. In other words I am heavily biased towards elegant solutions.

Photography is all about subjective views - what else could be more relevant than one's feelings?

The A7R IV is the defacto best stills camera to date independent from format.

There is simply no other camera available that's that small, lightweight and offer this amount of image quality at many situations.

Irrelevant whether one camera edges here or there - in my hands the most advanced tool is just the right one. It's part of my individual entertainment.

Disclaimer: The Phase One back with 150 MP is surely the best you can buy off the shelf with the utmost image quality - I'd suggest to shoot with it for a 2..3 h session and you'll understand why I like the A7R IV more

In the studio and outside the A7R IV is just an incredible piece of craftsmanship - in every way better than my trusty A7R III - especially the refinements in haptics.

GM 135: 2 k EUR, A7R IV 4 k EUR - knowing that it's the best package money can buy: priceless

Back to your original question - it is pointless to ask which camera is at what ISO a tiny bit better except you're shooting predominantly at exactly that ISO.

It is IMHO much more interesting to ask how to use any given tool the best way?

The A7R IV performs best at base IOS with 4x or 16x Pixel shift and top notch lenses. Of course you can use it at higher ISO without any extra penalty - whether an A7R III is ⅓ stop better in noise performance or not is irrelevant since it's far away from the ISO 100 performance and thus only an emergency solution. I shoot the majority of my images at base ISO from tripod - a good deal now with PixelShift on top or I am using the Brenizer Method for utmost quality.

I guess an A9 II would be my tool of choice for higher ISO needs - yet it's very limited with it's resolution.

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