40-150/f2.8 + mc20 Never able to get sharp photos

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Re: 40-150/f2.8 + mc20....... Just did my own testing

Just did my own testing EM1-11 and the following.

40-150 Pro with MC1.4 excellent results except at F4 where results are good

"  with MC2.0 poor results and nowhere near as good as 300 pro at  the same Aperture

75 -300 mark II at 300 much the same as 40-150 with MC2.0 having said that I have had excellent results with very good light and on 300 and F8 in the past

300 Pro with MC2.0 very good results where the limitations are distance and atmosphere mainly.

My takeaways are;

I will take my MC2.0 out of my 40-150 pro bag as I can see no use for it with that lens. If I don't want to lug the 300 F4 pro I can take the 75-300 and chance it a bit on light. and I would also have the zoom.

I will put the MC2.0 in my bag with the 300 F4 pro as the results here for 600 are very good.

In summary bad news about the MC2.0 as I was hoping for results in line with the MC1.4 with the 40-150 and I believe the result with this lens is a disgrace to Oly.  And you can sort of get the same results from the 75-300 II

The 40-150 by it self and with the MC1.4 is a fantastic lens and my most used.

The MC2.0 is worth having if you have the 300 F4 pro and want 600 ( the MC1.4 is very good as well)

Hope my experience in testing this gear helps with use and buying decisions.

TheTomx wrote:


I wanted to get your feedback . I have EM1-II + 40-150 and MCX14, MCX20.

When using the MC20 I never able to get really sharp photos. anything that I miss? using High-Shutter aware of movement etc... example;

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