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Scott Milso wrote:

NoGutsNoGlory wrote:

Lars Luciano wrote:

Scott Milso wrote:

Maybe we can start a photos based thread?

Where we post some actual photos, discuss the composition, technique, phone used and possibly some constructive criticism.?

Here's my contribution.

I'm new to mobile photography, but not new to photography.

Here's a couple using Night Mode with the Note 20 Ultra.

Maybe not National Geographic quality, but impressive to me coming from a s7.

I am interested in this kind of tread. Because there is too much pixel peeping going on dpr. I like your shots, simple somehowe documentary style and not bad for low light.

Agreed about the pixel peeping comment! In the end a good photo can be taken with any camera!

here is one I took recently with my iPhone X.

Wow! That's nice. Beautiful light.

Thank you. The sun often peeks through the woods on the back of my property around sunset.

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