at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

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Re: at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

Thanks for that reply.  I did some more digging through the archives here and can see that it was a hotly debated subject.  On Kasson's newest comparison of the bookshelf crop at iso 400 is does look to me that the r4 has a clear edge.  (tho I think he's yanking up the exposure quite a bit - not sure how real world that is for me, and the r4 shot is out of focus, which makes it a little confusing) But still hat's off to him for running and posting all those comparisons. An impressive test.

Seems kind of like the election, a lot of folks minds are made up and ain't no mount of convincin gonna change em.

I am 100% sure that none of my r3 shots would be transformed into Art if only they had been shot on the r4....But dang there are just enough pluses, that I'll likely pull the trigger when I can afford it.  B&H is offering the body  only for 2650 if go thru their edu portal....

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