New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

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Re: New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

R6 has IBIS (in body image stabilization) and DPAF (dual pixel auto focus) with the new animal eye detect.

Do you think the IBIS and animal eye detect will still work just as well with a third party RF lens? e.g. the Samyang 85 f1.4 rf?

I have a feeling once you get comfortable with the canon ecosystem you're gonna want to get all the glass your flexible but prudent budget allows

Now, that wouldn't be prudent!

Personally, I'm a bit self conscience about taking food pics at a restaurant with anything bigger than a phone, so I suggested the 35 because it's the smallest RF lens, but it takes some really good low light pics. If you're not concerned about size then I guess get the 85.

Speaking of phones, what do you think of the closing gap between phones and mirrorless/dslr cameras? E.g. the camera on the iphone 12 pro max looks mighty impressive to me (from my beginner viewpoint). Would be keen to hear your views of course.

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