Screen going black when using Thunderbird

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Re: Screen going black when using Thunderbird

Austinian wrote:

skyglider wrote:

My PC is on the opposite side of the room from the cable modem and router so running an extension cord to them over a doorway will be difficult. Also, I'm pretty sure that if there's a power failure to our area, the cable equipment on the telephone poles will stop working so internet will go down regardless.

In our neighborhood, the cable appears to have some degree of backup power; it keeps going during at least brief interruptions.

You may be right.  Many years ago, we used to be on coax cable which used to go down during power failures (I did have a UPS at that time because of business reasons).  Now we're on fiber optic cable and that might have backup power for the repeaters on the telephone poles.

In fact thinking about it just now, there's a cable company supplied battery pack in our house that's connected to the white box that converts fiber to copper.  Our land line phone is plugged into that white box.  They wouldn't have a battery in the  home if the fiber repeaters on the telephone poles went down during a power failure.

So I believe that, as you said, the internet will still work during area power failures at least for folks on fiber optic cable.


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