D810 as webcam?

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Re: D810 as webcam?

Droster wrote:

Kelvin L wrote:

lovEU wrote:

Kelvin L wrote:

I’ve been using that cheap Camlink clone with my D810 for Zoom as well. Works wonderfully, and the camera’s built in microphone works too.

Which Camlink clone do you mean?

The Amazon one that Rumple linked to. Lots of different sellers for that item. It’s surprisingly good. Apparently the overpriced Atomos capture dongle is the exact same thing with 400% markup.

One thing you gotta take note with these cheap OEMs there's no heat tolerance built into them so if they overheat, it could fry the card and then break it, either causing it to fail or become wonky.

I'm not saying all of them will overheat and fry the card, but the potential is there. But they're cheap, so they're also pretty disposable.

Taking the buyer's ratings into account may hint to the better ones.

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