at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

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Re: at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

I've had an a7r3 since 2018 and am considering upgrading.

But I do a fair amount of handheld shooting in available light using iso 400 - (so I can stop down to 8 or 11 for depth of field,) and less often but still fairly frequently iso 640 and 800 for the same reason.

From what I've been able to gather, the r3 looks cleaner at isos like 3200 and 6400, but has anyone done any tests who has had both at more common middle iso's like 400 or 640?

(and Yes I am aware that to get the most out of the 61 mp I would want to use a tripod and iso 100)

Had the R3 and now have an R4.  In outdoors photography i immediately noticed the greater noise in the R4 images - particularly in foliage greens and blues for some reason.  With BIF I am sometimes shooting at iso 3200 - so noise becomes much more prominent in small crops than at lower iso's

However, I acquired AI-Denoise which works fabulously to clean this up - so noise on images is no longer a concern.  The R4 focuses and tracks so much better - and now, with a noise solution, I would never consider going back.

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