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Does anyone has managed to use the D810 as a webcam? And if so how do you proceed?

This gizmo: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B087C3NG9W/ with an appropriate HDMI cable (HDMI-C or mini to full HDMI) will do it. You setup the camera to provide "clean output".

Thank you. This sounds like a minor investment I'll give a try.

Do you use the EP-5B power connector when using the setup for web conferencing? (pg. 442 in the D810 user's manual)

Yes, attached to a tethertools 'case relay' system.  With the D810, you might be able to use the tethertools version of the dummy battery, check their compatibility list.  Or just use the Nikon system end-to-end - I prefer case relay because of the intermediate battery, but the Nikon powersupply-->dummy battery will work fine.

I was using a D500 that way for some time, and have switched to a gopro (still with the "capture card") just to free up my camera. It worked fine.

Nikon's software solution was unstable for me. I also tried sparkocam, worked quite well with occasional sub-second glitches where the feed froze - that could have been my setup too.

Working on a PC I guess the video conferencing software of your choice will recognize the HDMI input easily.

All of the software solutions use the USB connector on the camera, and convert the proprietary output from the camera to a virtual webcam, which is then seen by video conferencing software.

The 'capture card' solution takes the HDMI and turns it into a webcam usb feed, which again is seen by the video conferencing software.

So the HDMI 'input' is never directly seen by the PC.

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