Memory card failure?

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Re: Memory card failure?

trungtran wrote:

Card failure, very hard to occur through normal use. Easy to replicate with products that continuously write to it. Dash cams and Home security cameras. Card is toast.

That reminds me – I once did have a CompactFlash card fail, but not in a camera.

I was working on a team that developed firmware for a large router.  The router kept its firmware and its working files on CompactFlash cards.  During development, I was loading new versions of test firmware onto a lab router several times a day.  If I'm not mistaken, on one occasion, a card reached its rewrite/erase tolerances, and gave up the ghost.

This probably involved an early retail CF card (i.e., a low-endurance card), not one of the high-endurance industrial CF cards that we shipped to customers.

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