Tricky Choice Coming Up ... Advice and Input Welcomed Please ...

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Re: Tricky Choice Coming Up ... Advice and Input Welcomed Please ...

Simon Pollard wrote:

Hi ... having had a Nikon D7000 for two years since 2013 then followed by a D810 since 2015 ... I feel the time may soon be right to upgrade my camera kit in some way. I know the inescapable trends towards mirrorless of course is well developed. FYI Naturally given the D810 I have quite a few decent full frame F mount lenses but I genuinely feel quite a few options are possibly for me over the next year(ish). I am an enthusiastic amateur landscape photographer and you can assume budget is not an issue. I both travel and trek into the wilds to some extent so lighter weight is better but I have been OK with the D810 setup pretty much. for reference ...

Questions and options in my head:

(1) Stick with D810 ? - Why change .. but 5 years is a long time and things have moved on ??
(2) Buy D850 tomorrow and get on with it ? - or better to wait for rumoured upgrade ??
(3). Wait for D860 / D880 model next year ? - Will it come ?? Is this counter strategic ??
(4). Buy Nikon Z7 ? - New Z mount lenses ? or use FTZ adapter is this OK ??
(5). Buy Sony a7R IV tomorrow ? - Well respected and used by many pros ?? - but full system switch cost ??
(6). Wait for Sony a7RIV replacement ? - unclear what that might be ? Whats the point ?
(7). Longer shot might be Fuji GFX 50R range finder accessible mirrorless medium format ? - image quality of medium format sensor vs a7RIV or D850 ??

Any help and comments appreciated ... my instinct is D860/D880 but it feels counter strategic to mirrorless trend ... tough choices !!

Kind regards

Like a few people have said, if your D810 is serving you well, there really is no need to upgrade. But if you want to buy a new toy I would go with either the Fuji GFX 50R, the D850 or the Z7 Mark II. (personally I have the 645Z, the D850 and the A7RIV).

The Fuji is going to give you better IQ and better resolution than all the others. That's what you get with a sensor that is 70% bigger. Do you actually need that resolution?

The D850 is an amazing choice for fast action, but if you are only shooting landscapes, I would go with the Z7 Mark II to have a lighter setup.

I wouldn't go with the Sony just because the colors are not as pleasant. I have it because with the Tamron trinity of f/2.8 zooms it is relatively affordable and light.

If I were you, though, I would book a trip to Antarctica instead and I would enjoy my D810 there.

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