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There have been a few of these types of Android driven 3D tablets available back in 2012-2013 time frame when 3D was at it's peak.  I have the one called Commander 3D. You can load it with 3D videos and stills and the lenticular screen is really nice and sharp. I haven't used it in a long time. I need to get it out again.

That said, I'd be interested if the LUME is more than just a lenticular screen device. As for lightfields that's just taking images from different angles and focus points and the device will probably show you a 3D image of two image points of view or several image points of view. But it's the screen that will be intriguing. If it's just another lenticular screen, then that's been done years ago. The site says you can see 3D when holding the tablet in either horizontally or vertically. That would be difficult to do with lenticular.

I will be interested in your first impression and how it differs from other 3D devices you have used.

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