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Re: New X-t3 owner!

Congrats!  I too was a former M user and bought into Fuji just two weeks ago.  My motivation to jump is the same as yours.  I’ve concluded that Canon has no long term plans to take the M line to the next level.  My M50 and M5 worked well and I got some great photos out of them.  The M line does has a lot of happy customers, I just realized I wanted something different and that it was time to move on.

I too bought the X-T3 (silver) + 16-18 combo.  I’ve spent the past week and a half learning to operate this beast and am ready to start using it.  As you will soon see, the X-T3 is way more capable and customizable than any M body.   If you haven’t already found it, take some time to watch Mike the Maven’s YouTube video on the X-T3 functions.  It takes a couple of hours, but I found it got me more familiar with the controls and menus - way faster than hunting and pecking myself.   He also has a 6 hour X-T3 crash course that I’ve bought, but haven’t yet dived into.    There is NOTHING remotely similar to these in-depth videos with the M series.   Lots of great support here on the forum as well.  And the latest X-T3 firmware release is icing on the cake!  Canon rarely, if ever, dribbles that kind of love on it’s customers.  Oh, and the glass selection is awesome - fast, weather resistant, metal construction....

At first I had planned to hold on to my M kit (2 bodies plus all 8 lenses), but I’ve decided to go all in with Fuji.  I hope to have the M gear sold by Thanksgiving so I can shop the Black Friday sales for another X-T3 or X-S10 body or maybe another lens or two.  I already scarfed up a couple of the moderately fast WR primes from the AAFES Exchange website.     Current and retired military can shop there and get $20-40 off MSRP on a decent selection of Fuji gear, plus avoid sales tax.

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