I just moved to m43, again!

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Re: I just moved to m43, again!

C Sean wrote:

Donald B wrote:

C Sean wrote:

Sorry to hear that Took.

A few months back I started a thread in Open Discussion regarding exercises that could benefit photographers. I felt traditional body building wasn't providing the functional strength and when I started doing Kettlebell training plus Clubbells I found it easier to pick up and carry heavy stuff.

For your tennis elbow, my advice is to look into Indian Clubs. Not to be confused with either the heavier club bells or steel clubs. Basically a wooden clubs that weigh couple of pounds or lighter and you exercise the arms by doing swinging patterns.

The other alternative are the PowerBall and you can get the Autostart Gyro version which are somewhat easy to start with one hands but the traditional Powerball require both hands and tugging on a string. It's more complicated in general to start it up and difficult to do if your hand is immobile due to an injury.

If you're looking at improving your strength then I would recommend Mark Wildman youtube channel and stick to the core 5 Kettlebell moves. Then it's up to you if you want to take it further.

Dont give advise on a topic you know little about.


Thanks for your concerns and yes Took should see a specialist. I'm just pointing out ways that could benefit Took and his photography.

Don’t be ridiculous. If you swing your camera and lens around like that you’re bound to get blurry photos.... even IBIS wouldn’t help.

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