Migration from Lightroom to iCloud

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Re: Migration from Lightroom to iCloud

amarokWPcom wrote:

Many thanks to all of your answers.

So what have I done so far:

  • I exported all my photos from Adobe Lightroom Classic and imported them via XCR card of my Nikon to the iPad.

That seem like an unnecessary process, you could have just imported the Classic master files  (if you’d saved xml sidecar files too, it would also have transferred any keywords too).

  • I installed Afinity Photo to work out my panorama and HDR
  • I installed Hash Photos to organize my photos.

That’s interesting, how does Hash work in the workflow?

I’m looking for a more elegant way to manage the library, Photos is OK, but could do with one or two better features.

Raw Power does have some ability to manage the photos too, and is quite good, and the editor is superb for basic corrections.

I feel that Affinity could be useful, but I can’t see it fitting into my workflow - mainly because it doesn’t properly integrate with Photos, and increases storage significantly to maintain non-destructive editing.

Does Hash work alongside the Photos library nicely, i.e. can it manage the library but everything still shows up in Photos, and across the iCloud Photo system.

So far everything seemed to be fine but yesterday I wanted to work on my HDRs and there haven't been anymore HDRs.🙈🙈🙈

Is iOS converting them on it's own without mentioning?

Can’t answer that, I don’t really do much with HDR. It’s possible I suppose, and Photos is a bit poor at selecting images in a Raw+JPEG pair. Although other apps, like Raw Power and Pixelmator might allow you to choose which version you want to work with (actually I think Raw Power automatically selects the Raw anyway).

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