Still worth it.

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Still worth it.

This review comes after around 1 year of use.

This camera would be basicly perfect (for raw stills) if not for a few cons (for me):

  • Could use a front dial like prosumer dslrs and other prosumer mirrorless ILCs
  • Highlight clipping reading (both review and zhevra) are too conservative (hard to tell if you really overexposed or not from the camera)
  • 1 card slot, and it's UHS-I (takes time to empty the "buffer" when you take many pictures in a very fast sequence)
  • No battery grip support for better handling (except third party with external wire, unacceptable for me)

Outside this list I have no other complaints, maybe native lens price is a little too high, but you can do your comparisons yourself about that.

Picture quality is great, with fantastic dynamic range (strong lights and strong shadows are captured with high quality and low noise). Sharpness will depend on the lens exclusively. I don't see the AA filter doing much to ruin it, but we're getting technical here.

File transfer to phone could be greatly improved, but I don't use it much, so perhaps there are some tricks I haven't discovered yet.

If you get it as a 18-135 kit, you will be very happy with the performance overall regarding sharpness and autofocus speed/accuracy, and the zoom range. The 18-135 has image stabilization, which the camera lacks, complementing the body nicely. If you can, and want more portrait-ish pictures, pair the 18-135 with a 35mm f1.8 OSS, great in low light and also comes with image stabilization.

JPEG shooters (I am a purely RAW + lightroom shooter) might find other systems (like Canon or Fuji) can provide better colors right out of the camera. This can be subjective of course.

I can't comment much about video, but I can say it's the sharpest I have seen on any camera I have used/owned. It does have some rolling shutter, but it's probably worth it for how sharp it is. Autofocus in video is fantastic and reliable.

Tracking autofocus for stills is (in my opinion) almost on par with the best dslrs (like the Nikon D500). For closer subjects it's better, for distant subjects (close to infinity) is worse and probably one is better off using single shot AF. Eye detect tracking works very well. Touch to track feels like wizardry.

Camera is small and light, feels well built and quality, and battery life is more then acceptable. Screen and EVF work well, and controls have a decent degree of customization. The grip is a little small for my taste, but women and people with small hands might appreciate it.

About the option menus, yes they are confusing, but you can customize a mymenu page and the function menu, so I can't understand why everybody makes such a big deal about it. Takes 15 minutes to do it, once. Later on you can add more functions to mymenu if you use them so often that it's frustrating to search for them.

I rated "flash photography" as excellent because the small inbuilt flash can be tilted to be bounced off a low ceiling wall, to get a sufficient light boost without having an ugly strong flash effect (and shadows) and/or carrying around an external flash.

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