Canon M6 Mark II, third party E-TTL flash compatibility

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Re: Canon M6 Mark II, third party E-TTL flash compatibility

Dimi Koan wrote:

geru wrote:

Dimi Koan wrote:

I have Godox TT685C and it works great with EOS 200D / SL2. Now I'm planning to buy M6 Mark II. Will it work?


Looks like uncertain answer.

In fact, I'm asking, because I know that in their recent APS-C DSLR Canon got rid of central contact on hot shoe. It looks like there is the central contact on M6 Mark II, but maybe they disabled the functionality some other way.

So, is there anybody here who tried a third party flash on this camera.

that's tin foil hat wearing at it's best. the center pin isn't necessary on an E-TTL flash.

Godox flash works with the M6 Mark II. I have the smaller tt350c and it works just fine.

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