New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

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Re: New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

Croomrider wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

I am inclinded to agree if I were buying an EOS R with just one lens it would be the EF24-105mm. That was the first lens I bought with the EOS R last year. I was blown a way by two things:

I'm pretty sure you mean the RF24-105/F4L. It is a great lens and much better than either of the EF versions.

Yes.  The RF24-105mmf1.4L IS USM is the lens that I meant to say.   Not the EF which not as sharp as the RF and the focus of the EF much faster too.   This was first RF lens I bought.  I wanted to compare this L lens with the EF equivalent of this lens in hopes to learn more about what the new RF mount could do.  I have the EF 24-105mmf4L USM as well as the the EF 24-105mmf4L II USM.  The II version is much better but neither can hold a candle to this RF version of the lense and the II version is fairly recent in introduction.   I used these EF versions for many years with the DSLRs as a travel lens which liked but always could see value is more zoom at the 105mm end.  The RF-105mmf1.4L is a top quality L lens which will last a lifetime, is weather sealed, and fairly rugged.  So I bought the RF 24-240mm 10X super zoom.  I got an open box sale to evaluate for $700 which was good at the time a year ago.   They can had for $600 open box now.   It is best 10X zoom I have owned and I have several over the last 30 years and used them with APS-C camera so I was curious how well it would do on a FF camera.  I had moderate expectations for this superzoom but the performance was surprisingly good as all of the RF lenses tend to be.

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