Memory card failure?

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Re: Memory card failure?

I treat memory cards pretty carefully – no carrying them "loose" in pockets unless I've placed them inside plastic protective cases; no accidentally running them through the washer and dryer.  I normally format them in-camera.

Given this, I can't recall any problems – with one exception.

I had ordered two cards, of the same type and size.  Both worked in-camera.  One new card worked reliably in a same-brand 12-in-1 reader that I had often used successfully with other cards.  The other new card didn't.

I had obtained permission to return the "defective" card when I came across an obscure post  saying that the problem with reading cards was due to a bug in the firmware in a certain version of the reader.  I checked, and sure enough, I had that reader.

I ended up keeping the "buggy" memory card, and buying a newer version of the reader.  (I should have gone after the manufacturer to fix or replace it, but I didn't.)

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