Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

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Re: Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

Wanted to show a really ghetto method using those USB transmitters if you want to use a webcam or really just about any camera that is plug and play.

Decided to experiment with one of my dash cams (even works with car dash cams )

Basically using the transmitter from those cheap $15-20 snake/ endoscope cameras.

Overall if willing to jerry-rig something, you can tape almost any camera to the location or device you want to monitor.

As others have mentioned, you can also use an old smartphone as an IP camera and remotely view it with a different phone. Or if you want discrete hardware, then going with a cheap drone FPV camera setup (usually around $10-15 for the camera (especially for the lower power 25mw transmit power ones), and the cheapest receiver you can find that is in the same frequency range. (though the broadcast fromFPV drone cameras are analog and completely unencrypted thus anyone in range (around 100 meters) will be able to view your camera while it is running if they have a compatible receiver.

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