My newest eBay acquisition

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My newest eBay acquisition

Check out my newest attempt at GAS relief: A Sears KS Auto, otherwise known as the Ricoh XR-2! Vintage 1980 or thereabouts.

Among the features on this beauty: Match-needle meter, ap readout in the viewfinder (see the little prism above the lens?), DOF preview, multiple-exposure button, electronic Copal shutter, 1/1000-4 sec + ap-priority auto, Pentax-compatible K-mount, and it's even got a built-in viewfinder blind for long exposures!

It came with a Sears Auto (Rikenon) 50mm f/1.7 lens fitted with a UV filter. There's a pretty good-sized bit of dust behind one of the elements; we'll have to see if it affects the photos (and if it does, well, I have plenty of Pentax and Rikenon 50s).

I haven't run a test roll yet, but I popped in a set of batteries and it sounds like it's working just fine. Self-timer lever is broken but other than that it all looks good.

And it came with a leatherette case and loaded with an unexposed roll of Polaroid negative film!

The film roll says "Return to Wal-Mart for quality film developing." Well, I might just have to try that!

I love my Ricoh KR-10 and like my Sears KS-2 (Ricoh KR-10 Super), and have been wanting an XR-2 for the fleet... and now I have one! Yay!

And the price? $7 plus $8.50 shipping! I was the only bidder. Go figure!

Another great cheap-o SLR for the film armada!


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