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Re: Not a R5 owner yet but will add one.

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Anybody recently switched from Sony A9/A7rIV to Canon R5? If so, how's the experience? Pros/Cons?

Also, how do you find colors in JPEGS (yes RAW is always better etc etc.).

I am multiple system user currently own a pair of 1D series SLR bodies and a7R IV, and planning to add a R5, already played with the R5 many times when shooting out friends, much much more comfortable to shoot with, all the buttons and dials just feel so much easier to use even for short period of time with the camera, it also has the lossless compressed raw like the Nikon, I also like the " Canon color", a lot less work in Post Processing, also the Canon adapter makes all my EF lens works as native lenses, while the Metabones will do some trick on the Sony but I believe the Canon one will always have better compatibilities, and looking at the lens I use a lot, like the 85 1.2 RF more than my Sony 85GM, I like the Canon 35L II better than the Sony 35 1.4, i don't do video, so the over heating issue won't affect me at all.

However, I am not ready to get rid of the A7R IV yet as I simply love those Zeiss Loxia and Voigtlander primes too much, they don't make it in Canon mount, so even I don't care for the Sony body that much but i will still keep that Sony body just for those lenses, also the DR and resolution from this Sony body is still amazing, it's been my dedicated hiking/Backpacking landscape camera set up and it will be for a while.

Sound like a quite a few of us have a foot in both Sony and Canon camp and plan to use both. When I added Sony to Canon back in 2014 it started that way with the 5D series and 1DIV/1DX as my main systems and added A7 cameras for high resolution. Now 6 years later its the opposite and have some Sony lenses like the 20/1.8, 24/1.4, 50/1.4ZA, 135/1.8 GM and Loxia primes along with the 100-400 and 200-600 zooms as my favorites and the resolution of the A7RIV and the zero black-out of the A9 cameras.

But Canon is coming back strong and we all seem to want to work with both. Their new RF lenses are really great for some but we can't afford to simply switch or just may not want to completely. And then there are some great EF lenses still like the 35/1.4L II that can't be ignored.

For me I actually don't want to keep the Sony system, only because of the Zeiss Loxia and Voigtlander primes so I will keep one. after 6 long years I still don[t care for the Sony ergo, even with the 7rIV. but have to say Sony sensor is top notch so I will put up with it for now. actually I am seriously thinking to get a Z7 II so I can use those E-mount lenses on it and get rid of the 7r IV.

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