Olympus digital magazine seems dead (iOS)

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Re: Olympus digital magazine seems dead (iOS)

Raist3d wrote:

Olympus digital magazine at the iOS App Store seems dead (doesn't download new content or any content).

I wonder what's going on. Anyone knows? Sure seems part of the JIP reduction.

Also in Japan two Olympus service places closed? (out of 4 I believe).

It seems that over the past year or so Olympus has been pulling back some of their on-line presence.

I used to enjoy reading Olympus Sphere. Here in Australia Olympus Sphere used to showcase some top user images.  Photographers such as Vass (from this forum) frequently had his excellent bird images selected for display.  And when logged in we could establish a user profile, and there was a service where we could ‘register’ all of our Olympus products with serial numbers etc . Sadly Olympus simply ended the service without warning.

I wonder what will become of the many pages of interesting and useful info on past and present Olympus lenses and cameras, and links to FW updates ?


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