Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

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Re: Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

theoverratedphotog wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

theoverratedphotog wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

42mp A7r II with such lens destroys 26mp APS-C X100V easily, not that close.

FE 35/2.8 ZA is actually not among the sharpest prime lenses on E-mount, but still be much sharper than APS-C X100V with the fixed prime. The reason is very clear that the much smaller APS-C sensor has to enlarge pixels much more to project to the same size of output which is the same as digital cropping. As a matter of fact, 61mp A7r IV in APS-C mode (as cropped to 1.5x AOV) = 26mp APS-C sensor in resolution (and entire IQ).

Sharpness is more to do with lens than MP. I don't think you can make broad statement like this. A crap lens on a full-frame body is not better than a good lens on an APSC body.

That is misunderstanding by many including you. Sensor is the key part in the system sharpness. Bear in mind, neither lens alone nor senor can take photos but lens+sensor as a system. DXO lens+sensor tests proved what I said. Smaller APS-C sensor has to enlarge pixels much more that is the same as cropping that soften a photo in large degree. Otherwise some lenses on mFT, 1" or cellphone are excellent, as good as on APS-C in some eq FL lenses.

I have both the X100V and the 35 f/2.8 although I have the A7riii not the A7rii. I'll do some tests this weekend.

Waiting to see. Suggest on a concrete building as the sample I demo'ed and compared at the same size, ideally enlarge 26mp from X100V to the same 42mp as on A7r III/II

In theory, what you are saying is correct, but the impact is so small in the overall equation that it is negligible. Lens quality, ISO etc would have much bigger impacts. Looking at a 24MP on both APSC and full-frame with the same equivalent focal length and aperture, the images are almost indistinguishable.

Put a 56 f/1.2 on an APSC and the Sony 85mm f/1.8 and you'd be hard-pressed to identify the difference between the two. The test I saw with the Fuji 50-140 and the Canon 70-200 f/4 showed the Fuji was sharper which disproves exactly what you were saying.

In many cases, like you said...the difference does not show unless onemis zooming in to 100% or 200% to pixel peep.  I recall one fellow years ago when I got the Nikon D800 at 36mp proclaiming from the mountain tops that 24mp was the sweet spot..because he was trapped with Canons 21mp sensor...claiming the difference between 21 and 36 was basically invisible.  If 24 was sweet is now too.

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