Sunrise in Terlingua, Texas

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Re: Sunrise in Terlingua, Texas

mfinley wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

mfinley wrote:

Hmmm. kind of interesting information, however I'm not really impressed with all the common stuff subjects dominating in the foreground, could be just me but I'm not getting it

Well, Mike, don't be bothered by not getting it. It was not my intention to impress anyone. I don't do photography with that goal in mind. Most of us really don't shoot for anyone but ourselves and this is what I saw is all. I just shared it, flaws and all. Never said it was perfect or that I was striving for a masterpiece of landscape photography.. just the atmosphere of Terlingua at sunrise on that particular morning.

I get that, but you sure present it as something maybe more, with the image letterboxed with a large format poster effect and even named. It's rather a dramatic presentation for something now you are downplaying the seriousness of intentions of.

The presentation was more for me I suppose. I often post photos in this an other groups in that manner.

No doubt you have a lot of talent and create some great images, but this one went right over my head. Meant to impress or not, if you post you are going to get a response, they won't all be gushing praise.

Oh, I know.. I've been a member of DPR for a very long time.. I know how the comments roll here.

This one is a big swing and a miss for me. Personally I think this image represents a very personal experience you had in person that morning, and you felt moved to present it to convey what you experienced, but the emotional response you felt doesn't translate in the image, at least to me, others might think it's the best thing they've ever seen. I look forward to your next image you post.

Fair enough.. lord knows I have seen plenty of portraits, landscapes, etc.. that did absolutely nothing for me but I knew the OP liked what they posted. I refuse to rain on another's parade as there is no point.. unless they actually ask for a critical analysis of why the photo is a fail and how it might be improved.

Over the years I have seen plenty of new people to various forums get totally burnt at the stake by those well meaning as well as those who just enjoy bringing someone down because they make mistakes. I've seen talented people leave these forums just because of such actions by others. One develops a thick skin or they leave. I'm still here.

Thanks for you input and your take on the photo.. but you are right, it means more to me than any here who might take the time to view it.

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